Unif is Enough

SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I know, I just ruined it.

Unif has always been on my radar…butttt… I never made the jump. I’m one of those stalker admirers that follow from the distance and just swoon behind a bush. But I think I may just confess my love soon by offering them $$$ in return for its loving embrace. 

Here are some items that be catchin my eyeballs:

1. Nevermind Cardigan/Duster $118 –

Oversized? CHECK!, Plaid? CHECK!, pockets? CHECK!!!

This photo is from Urban: 


This photo is from UNIF site:



So it confuses me a bit because I prefer the more ‘vibrant’ red over the pale flannel color. 

2. Pyramind Clutch $98 –

This kind of reminds me of the ‘triangle’ clutch Cheap Monday had awhile back. I think I liked that one more because it had a crossbody strap but this one’s got the details stitched on, which I like.

To be honest, the price is steep for a vegan leather clutch  – then again you won’t find this design anywhere else. 

unif_pyramid_clutch_1 unif_pyramid_clutch_2

3. Reverb Boot $172 –

OH these are SO BEAUTIFUL!! You may or may not have noticed, but that suede cuff ish part at the top of the shoe is ..*drool. That detail plus the silver zipper in the back is what separates it from all the other lace up chunky platform booties out there. For me I have too many other shoes lined up right now that these will have to wait. Not sure if I’ll actually purchase these since I have about 100 pairs of black booties already but dayum are they sexy!! MM MM MM!


4. Relics Hat $78 –

love. need. want. I love things with hieroglyphic-y designs. It’s just cool, AM I RIGHT 
unif_relics_hat_1 unif_relics_hat_35. Turnt Up $65 –  



Transition Weather Lookbook

LOOKBOOK numero dos!
Well technically it was the first thing I ever filmed…but coachella took priority.
I think I need to get a new camera for filming…I’m experiencing some quality issues, are you guys?

I’ve decided I need to figure out a style that fits me and is more interesting. And I hope to work towards even more professional looking ones. AHH not enough timeee so much I want to do!

I hope you enjoy! And I hope you can take these concepts and apply to whatever weather you are experiencing!

Oh Snap! [OOTD]

ImageAh yes, my lovers: plaid, black skinny jeans, and black booties.

This is my automatic-go-to. I’ve been trying to branch out my style but I’ll always come back to this. The bdg skinny jeans have been my favorite staple for a few years now. I used to not want to spend more than 20 bucks on jeans/pants at Forever21 but these are super worth it to me! They’re flattering…stretchy…and come in different waist, length, & cuff sizes. I think they typically go for around $60, but always keep an eye out for their $39 bdg jean sales. (Oh this is from Urban Outfitters btw!)

Get the high-waisted BDG stretchy black skinny jeans here!

ImageGraphic tees are  awesome! They automatically add spunk to any plain outfit. I love this “OH SNAP!” tank from Forever21.

(find similar here[Forever21], and here [Foreign Exchange])


Plaid Shirt from LF Store Sale! Love the varsity twist 🙂 View my last post on the sale to find your nearest location!

(find similar here [])

The booties I got when I was on a business trip in Guangzhou…they’ve got a SICK HEEL!












Bootie Steals & Deals Part 1

I may be developing a serious case of shopaholism…

I am hoping that sharing the delights of amazing deals with others will distract me  from sharing my wallet with retailers.

(BTW I don’t know how many parts there will be…this is
*keep in mind that some items are FINAL SALE*

Let’s get started.

1) Triton Bootie (here) – $35

This is part of the Nasty Gal Shoe Cult collection. It hits the cut-out & patent trend going on right now! I think it could be a great staple (but I’m still sicker than the average) kind of shoe.


1a) Spice it up in BRONZE! (here) – $35


2) Ace Ankle Boot (here) – $30

These seem like your average run of the mill booties. Small heel, ‘suede’ look with buckle details. Seems like a good deal if you don’t have anything for an everyday bootie.


3) Cosmo Bootie (here) – $45

For all those ladies who need a little more somethin-somethin, these bad boys are for you. MM MM MM GIRL!


Don’t see anything you like here?

No worries, I gotchu…keep in touch. More options coming soon.

tang bang OUT.

Forever 21 STEPPIN’ up their boot game (leather?!)

STEPPING UP…..ahaha so convenient….


I was just browsing boots and booties on pinterest and I selected a couple to look at that grabbed my attention. Say WHAT? Forever 21? I was very surprised.

I’m a fan of Forever 21. I know that most people think the quality isn’t the best but hey, it’s super affordable. Ok I wouldn’t use “super” anymore because their prices have gone up. However, honestly, they have a lot of good styles and you don’t have to break your bank for it.

So let me start off with saying that these booties seem expensive. They are around $50 to $80 but if you buy a boot anywhere else, chances are it will start at around $70 and go up to $200+ (Jeffrey Campbell). I also have not seen these in person but I cannot quite vouch for quality or comfort. But if you’re like me and would just love slick pair of super cool sexy booties, I would take the plunge and try these babies out. And guess what….they’re ‘genuine leather’.

1) The Dreamweaver Booties (buy here) – $79.80


2) The Western Redux Pointed Booties (buy here) – $59.80


3) Sleek Slingback Booties (buy here) – $59.80


4) Rustic Slingback Booties (buy here) – $59.80



I’m thinking about getting a pair of those slingbacks myself! I need me a warmer weather bootie.


Tangbang OUT