OOTD: Galaxy in my pants. I mean, on my shorts.

It’s been awhile that I’ve posted – okay a long while. You can tell cuz this was when my hair was still purple!

It stained my bathtub….don’t get me started…but I want to do it again hahhhh. Ok moving on! 🙂

I know the whole galaxy thing is not really the hottest trend anymore but I still love these shorts! Plus they were from HK which means they were CHEAP. HELLO!


Diamond Supply Co. Hat – borrowed from my brother because obviously I look better with it 😉




Top – LF Store (maybe $16?) (PSST SALE IS HERE)


Bag – Shoedazzle
Kade Cutout Bootie – NastyGal Shoe Cult (or is it shoecult?)  ($22on sale say WhaaaT)

 DSC03124DSC03127DSC03112Yeah I can’t look cool.

Casio Analog Watch – Urban Outfitters $20

And we’ll meet again soon…


tangbang out.


Everyday Black Booties

For you Angie 😉

Everyone needs a pair of everyday black booties. They are definitely a staple. Right now is actually a great time to look because we are transitioning into more spring/summer appropriate shoes! But if you’re like me you’ll probably still wear booties all year ’round…or if you’re in east coast.

So I did some digging and tried to find some good styles that still had enough sizes left. I tried to stay away from cut-outs, studs, or any other bootie trends so that these could last you forever. Take a look!

1) – Dolce Vita

My coworker has these and they are soo cute. They are slimming, can be worn with anything, and are pretty true to size. I believe it’s available in most Nordstroms. The best part of is the free shipping & free returns so it won’t hurt to try it! I guarantee you’ll fall in love.


Buy here $66.29 *ON SALE*

2) Nordstrom B.P. “Trolley” Leather Ankle Boot
Simple. Basic. Cute.


buy here $99.95

3) – Black Zip Trim Booties

Booties with an edge. I don’t think zippers will ever go out of style so if you want something spicay…I think these are for you!


buy here – $90

4) BCBGeneration ( Aries Boot

I probably can’t speak for all bcbgeneration shoes but the 3 shoes I own from them are the most comfortable of all my shoes. And the buckle to this
is such a classic detail you can’t go wrong!


buy here $73.00 * ON SALE*

5) H&M – low black booties

These are now $30. No, for real. They’ve got a cool gold hardware on the back guaranteed to turn heads. My H&M shoes have been surprisingly comfortable and durable!


buy here – $30 *ON SALE*

Much to my surprise I didn’t find too many recently that I  really LOVED. Maybe all the good ones have been sold out since we are transitioning into Spring. If I find anymore I’ll be sure to continue. Here’s 5 for now! 😀


Downtown Polka Dot Blues [OOTD]

ImageSometimes I dress way girlier than intended and don’t quite realize it until I’m out the door…

But I think I just gravitate towards interesting pieces sometimes like this polka dot cut out skirt. Hopefully I was able to tip the girly scale back to the …other side by pairing with an oversized ‘menswear’ blazer & a skull head necklace. I wanted to tone down the cute-sy.

I also wore a striped shirt with it because I wanted to play with prints. Normally as long as you stay within the same color scheme, prints will work together!

If you see anything you like here, check out my links below for similar items!!

ImagePolka Dot Cut Out Skirt – Forever 21 (find similar here)
(was $15.80)

I paired it with tights because it’s still a bit windy here and it hides the skirt cut outs making it more work appropriate.


Oversized Blazer – Hong Kong (was $10)
(find similar here [New Look], here [Forever21], and here [NastyGal] *ONSALE*)

Booties – Shoemint (was $97)
(find similar here [Charlotte Russe] or here [Forever21] or here [New Look])

Striped Tank – Zara (was $19.99)
(find similar here [Tilly’s] *ONSALE*)


Menswear Watch – Urban Outfitters (was $9.99)
(find similar here [Tilly’s] or here [Shoplately])

Necklace – Hong Kong
(find similar here [Loveculture])







Bootie Steals & Deals Part 1

I may be developing a serious case of shopaholism…

I am hoping that sharing the delights of amazing deals with others will distract me  from sharing my wallet with retailers.

(BTW I don’t know how many parts there will be…this is
*keep in mind that some items are FINAL SALE*

Let’s get started.

1) Triton Bootie (here) – $35

This is part of the Nasty Gal Shoe Cult collection. It hits the cut-out & patent trend going on right now! I think it could be a great staple (but I’m still sicker than the average) kind of shoe.


1a) Spice it up in BRONZE! (here) – $35


2) Ace Ankle Boot (here) – $30

These seem like your average run of the mill booties. Small heel, ‘suede’ look with buckle details. Seems like a good deal if you don’t have anything for an everyday bootie.


3) Cosmo Bootie (here) – $45

For all those ladies who need a little more somethin-somethin, these bad boys are for you. MM MM MM GIRL!


Don’t see anything you like here?

No worries, I gotchu…keep in touch. More options coming soon.

tang bang OUT.

Forever 21 STEPPIN’ up their boot game (leather?!)

STEPPING UP…..ahaha so convenient….


I was just browsing boots and booties on pinterest and I selected a couple to look at that grabbed my attention. Say WHAT? Forever 21? I was very surprised.

I’m a fan of Forever 21. I know that most people think the quality isn’t the best but hey, it’s super affordable. Ok I wouldn’t use “super” anymore because their prices have gone up. However, honestly, they have a lot of good styles and you don’t have to break your bank for it.

So let me start off with saying that these booties seem expensive. They are around $50 to $80 but if you buy a boot anywhere else, chances are it will start at around $70 and go up to $200+ (Jeffrey Campbell). I also have not seen these in person but I cannot quite vouch for quality or comfort. But if you’re like me and would just love slick pair of super cool sexy booties, I would take the plunge and try these babies out. And guess what….they’re ‘genuine leather’.

1) The Dreamweaver Booties (buy here) – $79.80


2) The Western Redux Pointed Booties (buy here) – $59.80


3) Sleek Slingback Booties (buy here) – $59.80


4) Rustic Slingback Booties (buy here) – $59.80



I’m thinking about getting a pair of those slingbacks myself! I need me a warmer weather bootie.


Tangbang OUT