Forever 21 STEPPIN’ up their boot game (leather?!)

STEPPING UP…..ahaha so convenient….


I was just browsing boots and booties on pinterest and I selected a couple to look at that grabbed my attention. Say WHAT? Forever 21? I was very surprised.

I’m a fan of Forever 21. I know that most people think the quality isn’t the best but hey, it’s super affordable. Ok I wouldn’t use “super” anymore because their prices have gone up. However, honestly, they have a lot of good styles and you don’t have to break your bank for it.

So let me start off with saying that these booties seem expensive. They are around $50 to $80 but if you buy a boot anywhere else, chances are it will start at around $70 and go up to $200+ (Jeffrey Campbell). I also have not seen these in person but I cannot quite vouch for quality or comfort. But if you’re like me and would just love slick pair of super cool sexy booties, I would take the plunge and try these babies out. And guess what….they’re ‘genuine leather’.

1) The Dreamweaver Booties (buy here) – $79.80


2) The Western Redux Pointed Booties (buy here) – $59.80


3) Sleek Slingback Booties (buy here) – $59.80


4) Rustic Slingback Booties (buy here) – $59.80



I’m thinking about getting a pair of those slingbacks myself! I need me a warmer weather bootie.


Tangbang OUT


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