ImageMy face is sexy huh.

Alrighty so what have we here? The lazy girl’s guide to effortless messy wavy hair.

From what I know there are currently 3 ways to achieve that sexy BAY WATCH hair.

1) Curling Iron w/ heat protectant
2) tie/pin/loop/twistytwist your hair when it’s wet & sleep with it. “no heat tutorials”
3) Using an amazing product “Oribe surfcomber mousse”

ImageI tried the 3rd option and I think it’s AMAZING! And here’s why

1) No heat required (unless you want to speed it up in which case you can use a diffuser/blow dryer)
2) Can do it when your hair is wet you don’t have to towel dry if you don’t want to
3) Very few steps

And here were my results!

ImageHere’s how you do it:

1) Wash your hair or get it wet
2) Shake & Spray Oribe Surfcomber Mousse into a golf size and from the bottom up, SCRUNCH it in.
 (palms up from the bottom of your hair, scrunch hair upwards & repeat in multiple sections to get the mousse all up in there)
3) Repeat on the other side
4) Let it air dry & try not to touch it
5) If you want to speed it up you can use your hair dryer or diffuser and dry it while you scrunch your hair with your hand

I was skeptical at first and this product is on the pricier side but I’ve gotta say I’m super happy with the results! Also if you’re wondering about the photos…I put sunglasses on because it was morning and I hadn’t put make up on yet. I also thought the mirrored lens with my bathroom mirror would be kinda cool. Then I gave up and just made creepy faces. by myself. in my bathroom. with a camera.

I’m just really cool.




You can get it from Amazon, or BlueMercury. (FYI Amazon price does not include the shipping so they both come out to be the same price…I got mine from bluemercury)