Festival Lookbook (Coachella)

I did it!!!! I finally did it. I did something completely foreign to me. I made a VIDEO! A LOOKBOOK!!!

If you didn’t know already, I’ve spent the past few years watching other vlogs and reading other blogs wishing that I could do it. Then a year passed with all this wishing and I never did anything about it. I always thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to… that I could never do what those girls do. Fortunately I came to my senses and realized that I was being super silly in completing shunning it without even giving myself a chance!! Why would I predict the end without even having a beginning?

This took a lot of courage from me and I’m so happy that I did it. Of course I want to produce content that others do want to watch & will take interest in. Of course it’s going to take a lot of work. But at this moment I’m just so unbelievably surprised at how far I got. I’m just happy I actually made a video. I’ve met my goal! I made my own wish come true! If it doesn’t work out, at least I can tell myself that I tried & that I enjoyed every second of it :). (Ok maybe not the seconds that gave me ridiculous final cut pro errors…) BUT NEVERTHELESS, IT IS OUT AND I AM PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE!

It would mean the world to me if you took a few minutes out of your day to watch this video. EVEN if you know you don’t like it by 3 seconds I’ll just be terribly elated that you took the time to press play! If you happen to like it, I wouldn’t mind a little thumbs up like or if you subscribed 🙂

Thank you for all those who encouraged me to get this far!! Thank you for all your kind wonderful words of faith even when all I had was just an idea in my head. Thank you!!!!



ImageMy face is sexy huh.

Alrighty so what have we here? The lazy girl’s guide to effortless messy wavy hair.

From what I know there are currently 3 ways to achieve that sexy BAY WATCH hair.

1) Curling Iron w/ heat protectant
2) tie/pin/loop/twistytwist your hair when it’s wet & sleep with it. “no heat tutorials”
3) Using an amazing product “Oribe surfcomber mousse”

ImageI tried the 3rd option and I think it’s AMAZING! And here’s why

1) No heat required (unless you want to speed it up in which case you can use a diffuser/blow dryer)
2) Can do it when your hair is wet you don’t have to towel dry if you don’t want to
3) Very few steps

And here were my results!

ImageHere’s how you do it:

1) Wash your hair or get it wet
2) Shake & Spray Oribe Surfcomber Mousse into a golf size and from the bottom up, SCRUNCH it in.
 (palms up from the bottom of your hair, scrunch hair upwards & repeat in multiple sections to get the mousse all up in there)
3) Repeat on the other side
4) Let it air dry & try not to touch it
5) If you want to speed it up you can use your hair dryer or diffuser and dry it while you scrunch your hair with your hand

I was skeptical at first and this product is on the pricier side but I’ve gotta say I’m super happy with the results! Also if you’re wondering about the photos…I put sunglasses on because it was morning and I hadn’t put make up on yet. I also thought the mirrored lens with my bathroom mirror would be kinda cool. Then I gave up and just made creepy faces. by myself. in my bathroom. with a camera.

I’m just really cool.




You can get it from Amazon, or BlueMercury. (FYI Amazon price does not include the shipping so they both come out to be the same price…I got mine from bluemercury)

youtube channel coming…sorta soon?

ImageI’ll be honest…I’ve been slacking. But for good reason!!

Once I get slightly more accustomed to my new schedule & responsibilities, I can really get crackin on this. My goal is to have my first video up by the end of March!! This is a reminder to myself. But we’ll see…time is really just flying by and slapping me in the face. Much like I slapped my dog in the eye with a dog toy accidentally this weekend. She’s ok now! I took her to the vet! Anyways I digress…


Meanwhile, I want to promote my good friend Stephanie Song! I am so proud of her she has really made some beautiful videos! Stong you’ll go such a long way! I’m excited to see what’s more to come!! *BLACK COFFEE TALKS*

Here’s her channel!!!!     http://www.youtube.com/user/blackcoffeetalks


Everyday Black Booties

For you Angie 😉

Everyone needs a pair of everyday black booties. They are definitely a staple. Right now is actually a great time to look because we are transitioning into more spring/summer appropriate shoes! But if you’re like me you’ll probably still wear booties all year ’round…or if you’re in east coast.

So I did some digging and tried to find some good styles that still had enough sizes left. I tried to stay away from cut-outs, studs, or any other bootie trends so that these could last you forever. Take a look!

1) Nordstrom.com – Dolce Vita

My coworker has these and they are soo cute. They are slimming, can be worn with anything, and are pretty true to size. I believe it’s available in most Nordstroms. The best part of nordstroms.com is the free shipping & free returns so it won’t hurt to try it! I guarantee you’ll fall in love.


Buy here $66.29 *ON SALE*

2) Nordstrom B.P. “Trolley” Leather Ankle Boot
Simple. Basic. Cute.


buy here $99.95

3) US.Riverisland.com – Black Zip Trim Booties

Booties with an edge. I don’t think zippers will ever go out of style so if you want something spicay…I think these are for you!


buy here – $90

4) BCBGeneration (zappos.com) Aries Boot

I probably can’t speak for all bcbgeneration shoes but the 3 shoes I own from them are the most comfortable of all my shoes. And the buckle to this
is such a classic detail you can’t go wrong!


buy here $73.00 * ON SALE*

5) H&M – low black booties

These are now $30. No, for real. They’ve got a cool gold hardware on the back guaranteed to turn heads. My H&M shoes have been surprisingly comfortable and durable!


buy here – $30 *ON SALE*

Much to my surprise I didn’t find too many recently that I  really LOVED. Maybe all the good ones have been sold out since we are transitioning into Spring. If I find anymore I’ll be sure to continue. Here’s 5 for now! 😀


Oh Snap! [OOTD]

ImageAh yes, my lovers: plaid, black skinny jeans, and black booties.

This is my automatic-go-to. I’ve been trying to branch out my style but I’ll always come back to this. The bdg skinny jeans have been my favorite staple for a few years now. I used to not want to spend more than 20 bucks on jeans/pants at Forever21 but these are super worth it to me! They’re flattering…stretchy…and come in different waist, length, & cuff sizes. I think they typically go for around $60, but always keep an eye out for their $39 bdg jean sales. (Oh this is from Urban Outfitters btw!)

Get the high-waisted BDG stretchy black skinny jeans here!

ImageGraphic tees are  awesome! They automatically add spunk to any plain outfit. I love this “OH SNAP!” tank from Forever21.

(find similar here[Forever21], and here [Foreign Exchange])


Plaid Shirt from LF Store Sale! Love the varsity twist 🙂 View my last post on the sale to find your nearest location!

(find similar here [tobi.com])

The booties I got when I was on a business trip in Guangzhou…they’ve got a SICK HEEL!












Downtown Polka Dot Blues [OOTD]

ImageSometimes I dress way girlier than intended and don’t quite realize it until I’m out the door…

But I think I just gravitate towards interesting pieces sometimes like this polka dot cut out skirt. Hopefully I was able to tip the girly scale back to the …other side by pairing with an oversized ‘menswear’ blazer & a skull head necklace. I wanted to tone down the cute-sy.

I also wore a striped shirt with it because I wanted to play with prints. Normally as long as you stay within the same color scheme, prints will work together!

If you see anything you like here, check out my links below for similar items!!

ImagePolka Dot Cut Out Skirt – Forever 21 (find similar here)
(was $15.80)

I paired it with tights because it’s still a bit windy here and it hides the skirt cut outs making it more work appropriate.


Oversized Blazer – Hong Kong (was $10)
(find similar here [New Look], here [Forever21], and here [NastyGal] *ONSALE*)

Booties – Shoemint (was $97)
(find similar here [Charlotte Russe] or here [Forever21] or here [New Look])

Striped Tank – Zara (was $19.99)
(find similar here [Tilly’s] *ONSALE*)


Menswear Watch – Urban Outfitters (was $9.99)
(find similar here [Tilly’s] or here [Shoplately])

Necklace – Hong Kong
(find similar here [Loveculture])








lf store sale

FOLKS, it’s that time of the year.

This sale happens twice a year, once in the early months for all their fall/winter collection, and once again in the later months for all their spring/summer pieces.

As the days go by…this sale will continue to drop until it reaches 80% off. Possibly even lower…I can’t quite recall.

BUT if you’re looking for shoes, I would go in earlier. Otherwise, if you just want a great deal and not as much of a fanatic like some people (me), you can go in 2 weeks later+ after their first announcement and score 80% originally priced $100+ merchandise.

Here’s a few pages from their lookbooks to give you a taste of their style:

lf store - pumpkin lf store - leather lf store - bonfire

I’ll hopefully get a chance to post my haul pics soon…but one of the items I got was the Jeffrey Campbells “Stillwells” in brown for $80!!!! CHECKIT.

Original Price @ LF Store $198; Selling @ lorisshoes.com (in brown and black) for $205 (here)

JC stillwell


Now there are stores in NY, FL, MA, and TX as well as CA. See lfstore.com for more details. However, I live in Cali in the los angeles area so I can only tell you about these locations:

120 N. Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Parking: Street, meters on Larchmont
OR there are neighborhoods nearby. You might find free street parking just look at the signs carefully

*This is one of the biggest stores I’ve been to. It’s kind of across from the cafe “Bungalow” (GREAT place!) and a few stores from Bank of America.

Santa Monica
1426 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Parking: Street, meters on Montana
OR check the neighborhood streets nearby. Most are 2 hours of free parking!

*A few stores down from Starbucks (same side as starbucks)
*There are other boutiques around on the street Montana, but of the higher price end ($40-$100+) so if you’ve got some moola, go check them out!

1312 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90292

Parking: Street, meters
OR check out the neighborhoods behind the main Abbot Kinney street. It’s definitely difficult to park/find parking in this area because it’s small & busy.

*This store MOVED from MAIN street. So don’t go to the MAIN STREET SANTA MONICA location, that one is THIS on in venice.


1) You can try the pieces on, there are fitting rooms…but if it’s busy you will wait awhile!
2) Normally, if you want to try them on, you give them your name and place all your pieces in a plastic bag (they help you with that). They will call your name when you’re next on the fitting room list.
3) All products are FINAL SALE!!
4) It helps to go with a friend. I guarantee you’ll want more than you can afford. An extra eye to help you weave through your gatherings will help unless you’re very good at self control… in that case…CONGRATS!
5) They’ve got pieces for almost everyone, every style. They’ve got grunge, but also girly pieces…pretty fashion forward. They have trendy & unique pieces. I can’t imagine you not being able to find anything to your liking. 🙂

Happy Shopping!!