OOTD: Galaxy in my pants. I mean, on my shorts.

It’s been awhile that I’ve posted – okay a long while. You can tell cuz this was when my hair was still purple!

It stained my bathtub….don’t get me started…but I want to do it again hahhhh. Ok moving on! 🙂

I know the whole galaxy thing is not really the hottest trend anymore but I still love these shorts! Plus they were from HK which means they were CHEAP. HELLO!


Diamond Supply Co. Hat – borrowed from my brother because obviously I look better with it 😉




Top – LF Store (maybe $16?) (PSST SALE IS HERE)


Bag – Shoedazzle
Kade Cutout Bootie – NastyGal Shoe Cult (or is it shoecult?)  ($22on sale say WhaaaT)

 DSC03124DSC03127DSC03112Yeah I can’t look cool.

Casio Analog Watch – Urban Outfitters $20

And we’ll meet again soon…


tangbang out.


Spruce up your home for summer! All items under $20!

Hello friends!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, lots of things going on. One being that I moved back to LA!

On that note I’ve been focusing my time on looking for some new decorations for the new pad instead of new shoes 😉 Here are a couple easy pieces to give a summer pop to your home!


1. H&M Pineapple Tray – $9.95 (Buy here)

You can’t go wrong with this! 🙂 Serve your icy cold lemonade to your friends on a tray of tropical fun.



2. H&M Linen Pillow Cover – $17.95 (buy here)

Available in black & yellow as well. I love that it’s a pillow cover…you can easily give your pillows a face lift! Who needs a plane ticket to the Caribbean when you can bring it to your couch?


3. Target Threshold Ceramic Dipping Bowls (2)  – $7.99 (buy here)

Funny story. I bought these at Target to use it store my rings haha. They have tons of cute patterns & I think they just add spice to the room. Whether you use it for rings, tea candles, or salsa…these baby bowls will bring you joy.


4. Target Condiment Caddy – $12 (buy here)

Everyone will want to come to your BBQ ‘cuz you have the cutest condiment caddy. ‘Nuff said.



5. Urban Outfitters Diver Bottle Opener $6.99 (buy here)

Let’s face it, you’re gonna use this sucker all year round.



6. Urban Outfitters Hanging Chalkboard $14 (buy here)

You’re gonna have a lot of people coming over this summer…and what better way to tell your guests something but through a cute lookin’ chalkboard? “Take off shoes here” “Party’s outside” “Leave your gifts here ;)” “Catch up. Chug this beer.” “Hi.”



Happy decorating the lazy way.