Everyday Black Booties

For you Angie 😉

Everyone needs a pair of everyday black booties. They are definitely a staple. Right now is actually a great time to look because we are transitioning into more spring/summer appropriate shoes! But if you’re like me you’ll probably still wear booties all year ’round…or if you’re in east coast.

So I did some digging and tried to find some good styles that still had enough sizes left. I tried to stay away from cut-outs, studs, or any other bootie trends so that these could last you forever. Take a look!

1) Nordstrom.com – Dolce Vita

My coworker has these and they are soo cute. They are slimming, can be worn with anything, and are pretty true to size. I believe it’s available in most Nordstroms. The best part of nordstroms.com is the free shipping & free returns so it won’t hurt to try it! I guarantee you’ll fall in love.


Buy here $66.29 *ON SALE*

2) Nordstrom B.P. “Trolley” Leather Ankle Boot
Simple. Basic. Cute.


buy here $99.95

3) US.Riverisland.com – Black Zip Trim Booties

Booties with an edge. I don’t think zippers will ever go out of style so if you want something spicay…I think these are for you!


buy here – $90

4) BCBGeneration (zappos.com) Aries Boot

I probably can’t speak for all bcbgeneration shoes but the 3 shoes I own from them are the most comfortable of all my shoes. And the buckle to this
is such a classic detail you can’t go wrong!


buy here $73.00 * ON SALE*

5) H&M – low black booties

These are now $30. No, for real. They’ve got a cool gold hardware on the back guaranteed to turn heads. My H&M shoes have been surprisingly comfortable and durable!


buy here – $30 *ON SALE*

Much to my surprise I didn’t find too many recently that I  really LOVED. Maybe all the good ones have been sold out since we are transitioning into Spring. If I find anymore I’ll be sure to continue. Here’s 5 for now! 😀



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