Spruce up your home for summer! All items under $20!

Hello friends!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, lots of things going on. One being that I moved back to LA!

On that note I’ve been focusing my time on looking for some new decorations for the new pad instead of new shoes ;) Here are a couple easy pieces to give a summer pop to your home!


1. H&M Pineapple Tray – $9.95 (Buy here)

You can’t go wrong with this! :) Serve your icy cold lemonade to your friends on a tray of tropical fun.



2. H&M Linen Pillow Cover – $17.95 (buy here)

Available in black & yellow as well. I love that it’s a pillow cover…you can easily give your pillows a face lift! Who needs a plane ticket to the Caribbean when you can bring it to your couch?


3. Target Threshold Ceramic Dipping Bowls (2)  - $7.99 (buy here)

Funny story. I bought these at Target to use it store my rings haha. They have tons of cute patterns & I think they just add spice to the room. Whether you use it for rings, tea candles, or salsa…these baby bowls will bring you joy.


4. Target Condiment Caddy – $12 (buy here)

Everyone will want to come to your BBQ ‘cuz you have the cutest condiment caddy. ‘Nuff said.



5. Urban Outfitters Diver Bottle Opener $6.99 (buy here)

Let’s face it, you’re gonna use this sucker all year round.



6. Urban Outfitters Hanging Chalkboard $14 (buy here)

You’re gonna have a lot of people coming over this summer…and what better way to tell your guests something but through a cute lookin’ chalkboard? “Take off shoes here” “Party’s outside” “Leave your gifts here ;)” “Catch up. Chug this beer.” “Hi.”



Happy decorating the lazy way.


Transition Weather Lookbook

LOOKBOOK numero dos!
Well technically it was the first thing I ever filmed…but coachella took priority.
I think I need to get a new camera for filming…I’m experiencing some quality issues, are you guys?

I’ve decided I need to figure out a style that fits me and is more interesting. And I hope to work towards even more professional looking ones. AHH not enough timeee so much I want to do!

I hope you enjoy! And I hope you can take these concepts and apply to whatever weather you are experiencing!


I wanted to put together as many clips as I could of the weekend! (Wow I took a lot of video). Hope this will suffice for now..the editing (sorry :( )is not the best but I wanted to get this done ASAP. I tried to make this shorter but there’s just so much content…I got it down to 7 minutes lol.

I will upload the raw files sometime soon so you can actually hear Kid Cudi, Chvrches, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell, MS MR, etc!!!

old OOTD



Wanted to post an old OOTD that I never got up. This was back in the fall, which explains the scarf. Although the weather lately has been random enough and windy that it’s totally acceptable.


As usual, I wore almost all black so I decided to pair a blue/white striped button up over unbuttoned to add some interest and texture. Then I added a red scarf for more color (and it was coldish that day).

TOP – Brandy Melville
Button Up – Hong Kong
Skinnys – ZARA
Scarf – Forever21
Hat – Forever21Shoes – Kelsi Dagger


During the fall/winter months I was obsessed with this faux leopard “pony hair”. I got this bag in my business trip to China. It was so cheap!

DSC02596 DSC02598

I kept my jewelry minimal, kind of wanted to just throw on something quickly -

Watch – Urban Outfitters
Necklace – (crap I forgot)

DSC02601 DSC02603

Happy Friday!

Festival Lookbook (Coachella)

I did it!!!! I finally did it. I did something completely foreign to me. I made a VIDEO! A LOOKBOOK!!!

If you didn’t know already, I’ve spent the past few years watching other vlogs and reading other blogs wishing that I could do it. Then a year passed with all this wishing and I never did anything about it. I always thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to… that I could never do what those girls do. Fortunately I came to my senses and realized that I was being super silly in completing shunning it without even giving myself a chance!! Why would I predict the end without even having a beginning?

This took a lot of courage from me and I’m so happy that I did it. Of course I want to produce content that others do want to watch & will take interest in. Of course it’s going to take a lot of work. But at this moment I’m just so unbelievably surprised at how far I got. I’m just happy I actually made a video. I’ve met my goal! I made my own wish come true! If it doesn’t work out, at least I can tell myself that I tried & that I enjoyed every second of it :). (Ok maybe not the seconds that gave me ridiculous final cut pro errors…) BUT NEVERTHELESS, IT IS OUT AND I AM PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE!

It would mean the world to me if you took a few minutes out of your day to watch this video. EVEN if you know you don’t like it by 3 seconds I’ll just be terribly elated that you took the time to press play! If you happen to like it, I wouldn’t mind a little thumbs up like or if you subscribed :)

Thank you for all those who encouraged me to get this far!! Thank you for all your kind wonderful words of faith even when all I had was just an idea in my head. Thank you!!!!